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Websight Clarity is committed to providing excellence to every aspect of your online business. We meet you where you are, with the budget you have, and provide clarity for you, your company, and your customers. Your online presence will have perfect 20/20 vision when you use Websight Clarity.

Our Services

We honestly do a little bit of everything. Not sure? Just ask. In the meantime, here’s a bit of our expertise.

Websight Design

Having a website that tells your customers exactly what you do and presents clear, unambiguous product for your customer to see is just about as good as a website gets. Websight Clarity will make sure your website is a beautiful, ballin’, beast within your marketplace. We really like to differentiate (read “be ourselves”), so we’ll make sure your website is to die for.

Marketing Strategy and Social Media

“Workflows, advertising campaigns, social media… help!” We couldn’t help but hear you yell for help just now. Look, we get it. Putting your brand in all the right places at just the right time is a daunting task. Leave your heavy burden to Websight Clarity. We’ll get your product or service in front of the right audience — don’t worry.

Branding and Logo Design

Distinguishing your brand, especially within a saturated marketplace, requires knowing your audience and communicating your product. Websight Clarity will make your brand the pinstriped Unicorn on the side of the road that everyone gets out of their car to take pictures of. In other words, people will visit your website and say “Wow!” They won’t be able to help but stay a while.

Shawn Sommerkamp

It’s not often in a career that you find a professional like Daniel. He has remarkable talent and skill, to be certain. His professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile, however, is a true rarity. I outsource complex work and completely forget about it, knowing he will handle it with excellence. I recommend him with confidence and the highest regard.

Teachers Global Service Team

We were so lucky to find Daniel Berk, when we needed a recognizable logo to identify articles written by our group of authors as we began publishing more widely on several different websites. Daniel was quick, professional, so easy to work with – we went back and forth several times with different iterations of a design, and in the end we got exactly what we had envisioned. We’re very pleased.

Teachers Global Service Team

Hans Riemer

We hired Daniel Berk to write new HTML Title and Description tags for several of our clients. Daniel hit the ground running and needed no training or supervision. He has a great work ethic and delivers a high-quality work product.

Chris Zillman

Our organization needed a fast solution for a congregation-wide program we were running. We decided that we needed a web-based answer. As I described to Daniel what I was looking for he readily understood what I wanted and I immediately felt relieved that he would be able to help. He designed and executed our website ahead of schedule and rendered it more aesthetically pleasing than I would have thought possible given our budget and time constraints. I could not be more pleased by Daniel’s work.

Southland Ministry Center

Steve Staten

One of the best investments I’ve made was to have Daniel Berk and Websight Clarity build my website. I was referred to him by my business coach. Daniel is very knowledgeable and walked me through various processes and decisions. My new website looks great and functions very smoothly. Websight Clarity is priced very reasonably, as well as quick and efficient. I wholeheartedly recommend Daniel’s services.

HB Nation

They have been instrumental in developing my business, HB Nation. From marketing strategy to SEO development and all of my random questions in between, Websight Clarity went above and beyond and treated me like their top priority! If you’re looking to advance your business or give your website some professional touches, I highly recommend using Websight Clarity.

Eric Roberson

Our Websites Work.

People that visit our websites get what they're looking for quickly and easily. Websight Clarity is all about making your business operate effectively and clearly in your online ecosystem. If the consumer visits your website and spends the better half of an hour trying to figure out what you do, then odds are your website is in dire need of a redesign. Websight Clarity brings clarity to your website (see what we did there?)

We Design for Mobile Plaforms, too.

Have you ever been staring at your phone early in the morning or late at night, scrolling... scrolling... scrolling... OUCH! All of a sudden your phone hits you square in the nose. Well, that stinks, but there's a whole bunch of people that can relate to you, including Websight Clarity! We make sure your website is mobile ready because we know people are going to keep on thumb scrolling in their free time.

We Can Host Your Website

Not sure where to start? You don't know the first thing about websites, domain names, hosting, or anything in between? Well, that's okay. We know all about the struggle. Websites are hard! 

Anyway, if you really want to take a jab at building your own website, you can buy your domain, purchase your hosting, and create your website all with Websight Clarity! Whether you do it yourself or have us do it for you, we've got your back. 

Let's Work Together

Don't see what you're looking for? Reach out to us! We don't bite, and we promise we're friendly. Even if you don't end up buying a single thing, we still love to chat. Also, we love to meet in person. Coffee anyone?

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